The best rice you've ever had — guaranteed.

AwardBest™ Ultra-Premium Brown Cambodian Jasmine Rice (Phka Rumduol, New Crop 2016), 2lb bag


"Brown" rice is rice that has be de-husked but not de-branned, so that the bran — a brown, oily layer — is retained around the rice grain's inner white endosperm. The bran is nutritious, but goes rancid quickly in the tropical heat where most rice is grown, so it is traditionally removed in the milling process, leaving "white rice." 

Brown rice would benefit even more than white rice from AwardBest's system of vacuum-packing, flash-freezing, and deep-freeze storage, so we DO want to add this product after the November 2016 harvest. We don't offer it for the November 2015 harvest because we're a little tiny start-up, so we need to keep things simple and focused — and white rice outsells brown rice by a huge margin.