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KickStarter: See You Again Next Year!

Posted by James Plamondon on December 06, 2015 . 0 Comments

Despite the support of AwardBest's many fine backers -- which I appreciate more than I can say -- AwardBest's 2015 KickStarter campaign has failed to reach its objective. [sigh!]

That isn't surprising. AwardBest was formed only six weeks before this KickStarter campaign was launched. That didn't give me much time to organize the campaign, to build a network of supporters on social media, to befriend gourmet chefs & bloggers, send out samples, etc.

However, I've got lots of time now to do those things before launching a similar KickStarter campaign in late 2016.

To our campaign's backers, I say: THANK YOU for supporting this year's KickStarter campaign.

See y'all next year!  :-)

Jim Plamondon


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