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The Bestiest Rice Anywhere™

Posted by James Plamondon on October 30, 2015 . 0 Comments

[UPDATED to include the results of The Rice Trader's 2015 The World's Best Rice™ Competition.]

First, some definitions (as per the Humpty-Dumpty Principle in Semantics):

  • A "rice" is any named rice variety (e.g., Phka Rumduol™) or collection of rice varieties (e.g., "Cambodian Jasmine Rice," which includes Phka Rumduol, among other varieties). The plural of rice is "rices."
  • "The World's Best Rice™" is a Competition held annually, since 2009, by The Rice Trader™, a California-based rice industry consultancy. The Competition names a single winning rice to be "The World's Best Rice™" for that year (or two rices in the case of a tie).
  • The Four-Year Moving Average of Rice Bestiness™ is a metric that identifies the rice that has won the preceding four Competitions the most often, with the fewest ties. Rices that have a higher four-year moving average are "more besty" — that is, have more "bestiness." Rices that win less often are "less besty," that is, have less "bestiness."
  • Rice Bestiness™ scores can be higher ("more besty") or lower ("less besty").
  • "The Bestiest Rice Anywhere™" is the rice with the most bestiness at a given time. 

Today, California Calrose Rice won the 2015 The World's Best Rice™ competition. However, over the last three years, Cambodian Jasmine Rice has accumulated so much bestiness from its previous victories that it still has the highest Rice Bestiness™ score today, despite Calrose's win.

Cambodian Jasmine Rice (green line, on top) is the most besty rice. It is the rice with the most bestiness. It remains The Bestiest Rice Anywhere™ for at least another year.

So, it's got that going for it, which is nice.

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