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AwardBest™ Founded: 16 September 2015

Posted by James Plamondon on September 16, 2015 . 0 Comments

16th September, 2015, was a good day.

I pored over the numbers one last time and decided that my proposed social enterprise...later named AwardBest™...could work. It could earn a self-sustaining profit while helping to lift hundreds...perhaps thousands... of Cambodians out of poverty.

I further concluded that my innovation — vacuum-packing and flash-freezing the only variety of jasmine rice that had won The Rice Trader's "The World's Best Rice™" competition three years in a row — solved two problems at once:

  1. America's First World Problem: It enables me to offer a year-round guarantee of "world's best. harvest fresh" quality, for which Western consumers might pay an ultra-premium price.
  2. Cambodia's Third World Problem: Receiving an ultra-premium retail price enables me to pay Cambodian farmers an unusually-high price for their very best quality jasmine rice, and to donate $1/bag to accelerate their adoption of price-improving skills and certifications.

So, I committed to fund a KickStarter campaign to gauge market demand and gather the funds needed to overcome the inevitable obstacles I'd encounter in creating a brand-new market niche: "world's best, harvest fresh" ultra-premium jasmine rice.

We shall see. Every KickStarter campaign is an experiment — an experiment that tests a business plan (that is, the combination of a product design, a business model, a marketing message, and a target audience). If this KickStarter doesn't work, it just means that I need to try again after tweaking one (or more) of the variables.

The is no failure; there is only learning (learn fast, learn cheap, learn happy).

Come change the world with me!  :-)

(Trademarks: To see who owns which trademarks, see AwardBest's Trademark page.)


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